Amici Coro is an amateur choir and the two most important attributes of its members are a love for singing and striving for the highest possible standards in all the music that we perform. We aim to work hard and enjoy ourselves, and whilst rules and regulations may seem rather formal, the following guidelines outline the principles by which we aim to make music together:


  • Amici Coro is a chamber choir and the size, distribution and quality of the voices will be carefully monitored by the Director of Music to ensure a good musical balance

  • All members of the choir are subject to the acceptance of the Director of Music

  • The usual practice of the choir is to hold three or four rehearsals before an event  

  • All members should attend at least two of these rehearsals in order to perform at an event

  • Participation by those unable to attend rehearsals will be at the discretion of the Director of Music

  • Associate Members are expected to learn the notes in advance of any event

  • Associate Members will be approved by the Director of Music



Voice Trials


Voice trials are undertaken to ensure that the musical standard of the choir is maintained. Potential new members will be invited to attend a rehearsal which will be followed by a simple viva-voce with the Director of Music based on the music which has just been rehearsed. Full membership of the choir is conditional on a successful voice trial.


Amici Coro is an amateur choir which performs to a high standard. The musical requirements of its singers reflect this, and whilst singers are not expected to be of a professional standard, we are looking for the following qualities:


  • Dedication, commitment and a love of singing

  • An ability to blend with other singers

  • An ability to sight-read to a reasonable standard





Subs are paid yearly or monthly to cover the cost of hiring music, fees for organists and the Director of Music, the Associate Director of Music, the costs of rehearsal venues and any reasonable costs incurred by the Director of Music, Associate Director of Music or members of the committee.


Associate Members for individual events who don’t pay subs are required to pay daily fees towards the cost of an event.


All members and guest singers are expected to make their

own transport provisions for rehearsals and events.




The music for each event is chosen by the Director of Music and copies will be provided for every member. Of course, members are free to use their own copies if they have them,

as long as the editions match up.


Venues and dates

We aim to sing Evensong on a Saturday or a weekend residency in an English Cathedral every 2-3 months.   

A full week's residency at a Cathedral is usually planned for August.


Additional concerts or other services are planned as appropriate.


The committee aim to publish the dates of each event well in advance to enable as full an attendance from members as possible.